Content Management Systems – CMS

A (CMS) Content Management System is software that easily allows users to create, edit and manage web content. For this reason content management systems have become very popular amongst designers, developers and users across the globe.

About Content Management Systems

The beauty of a content management system is that anyone can easily maintain a website using the software, which is often derived free from a community of online developers and designers.

Some of the more popular content management systems available today include Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. Joomla, Drupal and WordPress are content management systems that are open source, meaning the source code is made available for users to download, use, edit and improve under the GNU public license.

Improvements and suggestions are welcomed by a community standing by the product. One of the best aspects of community driven content manangement systems is that a wealth of information available to the general public and often a knowledgeable support forum. Support for any issues is easily sourced.

The Big 3 Content Management Systems


WordPress is a popular open source content management system that is used by an estimated 60 million websites across the world ranging from personal small personal blogs through to large corporate websites.

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Drupal is a free open source content management system that is used as a back-end framework millions of websites around the world. It is notably used as the CMS of choice for many government based websites.

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Joomla is another popular content management system which, unlike many others, is built on a model-view-controller web application framework and boasts more than 50 million downloads as of 2014.

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