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December 23, 2014
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Concrete5 is a popular open source content management system that has been providing webmasters with a strong web application since it’s development started in 2003. The application was designed to provide an easy means of creating and publishing content to the web with minimum experience and technical skills which makes it an attractive option for those looking for their first content management system. Concrete5 is estimated to power more than 500,000 website across the world which proves that it’s a powerful application and works as required for those running a dynamic website.

Concrete5 boasts all of the features you would expect to find in a strong content publishing application, matching those found in some of the large content management systems. A range of editing and publishing features are included in Concrete5 ranging from a super easy to use WYSIWYG editor, in-context editor and a range of features that make it easy to manage and share your existing content.

Why Use Concrete5?

Concrete5, just like many of the more well known and popular open source content management systems, offers a diverse range of features that are perfect for the publishing, editing and sharing of your useful and important content. Whether you’re running a personal blog website or a fully fledged business website Concrete5 has you covered in terms of the tools you need to do it.

The below gives a deeper overview and look into some of the amazing features offered by Concrete5.

Open Source – Free To Download and Use

Concrete5 is a 100% open source application licenced under the MIT licence which means it is free to download, install and use on your website. This also provides you with the permission to modify the existing source code to suit the needs of you and your website without limitation.

Easy Google Analytics Integration

Unlike many other content management systems that require a little bit of messing around to integrate your Google Analytics account into, Concrete5 provides an easy to use administration option that allows you to plug your analytics account directly into the application so that you can begin tracking your website statistics from the word go.

Content Scheduling

Write now, publish later! Concrete5 has a cool built in function that allows you to write a new article and save it to your system without publishing it to the front end of your site. Instead, should you wish, you can schedule for that particular article/page to automatically publish at a chosen date and time in the future. This is perfect for those who may be away from their computer for a few days but still need to publish content during that period.


Sometimes the core functionality and features of an online application just don’t meet the exact requirements of specific website. Just like many other content management systems, Concrete5 has a repository of hundreds of add-ons that can be installed on your website to provide increased flexibility of existing feature or add brand new feature completely. Some of these add-ons are 100% free to download and use whilst some others do have a small price tag attached to them.

Powerful File Manager

Concrete5 includes a powerful file manager built in that can be used to upload and manage media files such as images. The file manager includes a range of useful features such as bulk uploads and on the fly image manipulation via Picnik, making it easy to have full control over the media you publish to your website.


One of the last things you would want to happen when creating content is to publish it only to find out later that it is riddled with display problems or errors. Concrete5 provides a live previewer which allows you to preview all of your content prior to hitting the publish button, making it easy to verify if there is anything requiring attention before it goes live.

Give Concrete5 A Go Today

Concrete5 is an ideal choice for webmasters wanting an easy to use content management system for their websites. Give it a go today and find out why so many people trust and rely on Concrete5 to power their website.

The most recent version of Concrete5 can be downloaded directly from the homepage.


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