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November 18, 2014
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Joomla CMS
Joomla is one of the most loved open source content management systems available on the web today. With more than 50 million downloads Joomla has proven to be a CMS of choice for many people and for many uses including personal blogs, online stores, corporate websites and online communities. Joomla provides the tools and features, for free, that are needed to professionally publish and share content online through the use of a relatively simple administration dashboard that is easy to learn and use, even for those with little to no experience with content management systems.

For those who have a good understanding of content management systems, Joomla comes packed with all of the features that you would expect from such a popular web application. From a range of editing and publishing options, complete control over the visual aspects of your websites and the ability to install 3rd party applications known as Extensions Joomla has it all, which is partly the reason for it’s huge popularity and widespread use as a CMS of choice by many.

Why Use Joomla?

Joomla is a powerful content management system that has been in development for near 10 years and is constantly growing and introducing new features that make it even easier for website owners to manage a content or media orientated presence. With a massive support community, range of additional 3rd party applications, pre-made themes and a range of essential functions there are many reason to choose Joomla as the content management system for your new, or existing, website.

The following is a brief overview of a range of the cool features included within Joomla:

100% Free

Joomla is an open source application that is provided under the GNU General Public License which means it is 100% free to download, use and redistribute as you see fit. Unlike some of the premium content management systems that charge users a once off fee or ongoing monthly costs, Joomla has always been free and includes the same features as you would find within an application with a cost attached to it.


Can’t find a feature within Joomla that you really need for your website? Not to worry, more than 8,000 extensions available for installation on to your Joomla website. Extensions are 3rd party applications that are designed to enhance the existing functionality within Joomla or add completely new features all together. Some of the extensions available include SEO additions, shopping carts, community management and security features.


Joomla includes a powerful template management framework that makes it easy to completely change the look of your website to suit your needs, allowing you to make it look like anything. For those of us who are not greatly knowledgeable in web design and development it can be quite a task to try and make a theme from Joomla which is why there are thousands of free and premium pre-made themes available for you to download and use for your website.


There are many dedicated translators from all around the world who have contributed to the Joomla project by assisting with the translation of the application into more than 60 different languages. The true power of Joomla’s language manager shines in that, you can choose to set the public facing side of your website to 1 particular language while setting your administration area to use a different language.

User Management

Joomla offers 9 different types of user groups which make it possible for administrators to allows visitors to sign up for an account as a member, contributor author and editor which makes it great as a community application. Various different access rules can be put in place to limit the power off the different user groups in order to maintain security and offer specific roles to certain members.

Is Joomla The Right Choice For You?

Offering such a wide variety of cool features that make it easy for anyone to manage a complete website, Joomla is certainly a great choice for those wanting to create a truly powerful content management system driven website. Due to Joomla’s vast popularity it is also quite easy for webmasters to gain support for issues they may be having with the application through a range of mediums including the official Joomla support forum. This is also applicable to the extensions and themes available for Joomla, support for most can be obtained via the support channels of the 3rd party extension and theme developers.

Get started with Joomla today by registering your new domain name and signing up for a reliable web hosting service.


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